Foreign Policy and the war

Our foreign policy for the last six years under George W. Bush has been a disaster for America.  We have pursued a foreign policy based upon a narrow ideology, rather than our broad national interest.  We are only now realizing how isolated we are in the world. 

We invaded Iraq based upon lies from the Bush administration.  Now, after four years of war, the main result has been to empower Iran.


My positions

1.  I support a phased withdrawal from the civil war in Iraq.

2.  The Iraq Study Group has recommended that we talk with Syria and Iran about Iraq.  I support this recommendation.

3.  It is very important that George Bush realize that he doesn't have any authority to start a war with Iran.  I support the work of Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia) on this issue. 

4.  We need to start building our alliances with our strategic partners, rather than working unilaterally.  I hope that we never see another John Bolton type as our UN Ambassador. 

I've put together a list of the 194 countries of the world, with data on population, gross domestic product, female life expectancy, literacy, active troops, and active troops per million.

Here's a video from a United Nations Day event that I attended.  I spoke about the UN, American foreign policy and the effect of global warming on the third world.