March 28, 2007


The War in Iraq



Today I call on Pete Domenici to explain to the people of New Mexico his plan for Iraq.  Yesterday he voted against a plan to begin to bring our troops home from this tragic war.


We are now starting our fifth year of war.  We have lost over 3,200 brave American men and women, another 25,000 have been seriously wounded.  The financial cost is now approaching $500 billion.


The people of New Mexico need Pete Domenici to answer the following questions:

1.  What is our main goal in Iraq?  It appears that the major outcome of our invasion has been to strengthen Iran.  Most of the new leaders in Iraq have close connections to the Shiite rulers of Iran.  Was this the outcome that Pete Domenici wanted to happen when he voted to authorize this war?  Does “victory” in Iraq mean complete control of the country by pro Iranian Shiites?

2.  Does he believe that Congress has any role in the conduct of this war?  So far, Pete Domenici has shown no interest in oversight by Congress of this incompetent administration.  How long will Pete continue to support a failed policy?

3.  If he continues to support this war, does he support a tax increase to pay for it?  So far, all the sacrifice for this war has been done by our armed forces.  If Pete Domenici believes this war is so vital to American interests, isn’t it time for all of us to contribute?


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