Raising the minimum wage


March 7, 2007


Today I call on Pete Domenici to support raising the minimum wage for working New Mexicans. 


The US House of Representatives passed a raise in the minimum wage on January 10th.  The House version is a clean bill.  It simply raises the minimum wage from the current $5.15 per hour to$7.25.  The raise would affect 13 million Americans, many thousands of New Mexicans. 


The Senate version is not clean.  The Senate, including Pete Domenici, has inserted an $8.3 billion tax cut.  This is a blackmail tactic against the poorest working Americans. 


The business community has received over $300 billion in tax cuts in the nine years since the last time the minimum wage was raised.  And Pete Domenici has received pay raises totaling $31,600 in the same time period.


I urge Pete Domenici to support a clean increase in the minimum wage.


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